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konijo - Joy the funny snail


Bring joy to mealtime with Joy the Funny Snail, the perfect companion for picky eaters! he'll encourage your little ones to try new foods and make mealtime fun again.


Meet Oscar the Snail - the newest superhero in town who can conquer any picky eater and make mealtime a blast! Bring home his mighty power today.


Join the magical world of healthy eating and fun with Sophia the Fairy Princess! Let your little ones embark on a journey with their favorite fairy and discover the joy of trying new foods.


Introducing Bob, the Police Officer Snail! Let him patrol your mealtime and help your picky eaters stay safe and healthy with his fun and playful design.

"Kids are eating with their eyes"

Positive and colorful plates, may play a key role in getting your kids to eat healthier, and taste new foods


Discover New Flavour

The multiple compartments of the tray allow children to try a variety of foods and snacks, expanding their taste pallet.

Designed With kids In Mind

Our plate is tailored to fit small hands, making it easy for your toddler to hold and use. Empowering independence during mealtime.

Busy Parents Best friend

This plate design helps parents plan balanced meals, encourages portion control, and keeps kids seated during mealtime. Perfect for family dinners!

Fun game tray

Unlock Your Child's Culinary Adventure with this Board Game Plate. Expand your child's culinary horizons as they discover hidden Characters on each portion.

How does our plates help with picky eaters?

Our fun and playful designs gently encourage kids to try new foods and explore variety, without any forceful tactics.
Say goodbye to mealtime struggles and hello to a stress-free dining experience with our specially designed plates.

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